hammerglass ref ambulance volvo-xc70 1300x400-8

Hammerglass saves lives

Nilsson Special Vehicles chose Hammerglass mainly to reduce the weight of the ambulances, and thereby create space for extra care equipment, but also to get a vandal-proof solution. Tinted Hammerglass screens were fitted into the frames of the rear and side windows of the modified Volvo XC70. The Hammerglass screens are glued directly into the frames.

Total volume: More than 300 ambulances with regular deliveries during the years 2011-2017. In January 2017 the new ambulance series was launched, based on the Volvo XC90 equipped with Hammerglass in three windows. Production is expected to be continued until 2023.


Volvo Ambulance

Hammerglass 4 mm
Black tinted windows

300 Volvo XC70 ambulances 2011-2017
Volvo XC90 ongoing production 2017-2023

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